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Originally Posted by peppermint anime View Post
Hi there,

Is it possible to make orders that have been payed by PayPal not to change to the accepted status automatically? We're selling digital products which need to be manually activated by us before the customer gets them delivered.
We would then like to change the order status manually to let the customer know that his product is ready.

Thanks in advance.


The status of any order in Ecwid depends only on the information that Ecwid received (or did not receive) from a payment gateway that the customer selected once placing the order. If the payment gateway indicates securely that the payment has been received and cleared, the order will get promoted into Accepted, if there was no such secure information - the order will stay Queued.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to set a predefined order status.

As a possible workaround you can proceed the whole process manually, change the order status and then send the file. In this case, using E-goods won’t be an option.

Another option is creating a custom script that will handle the order changes in your store, send emails and necessary files to the customers It can be done using Ecwid APIs. Particularly, Ecwid Order API and Instant Order Notifications can be useful for such purposes:

If you need help with development of such a mod for your Ecwid store, our friends from Qualiteam will be glad to help you. If you are interested in it, please contact them at
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