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Originally Posted by Kevin Shepardson View Post
I appreciate you getting back to me. I have been extremely frustrated! I have been checking 8 & 10 times a day trying for a couple months trying to figure out how it was that I could spend so many hours building this thing and telling all my friends, family, and anyone else to go to it and join my site. They said your cart was the easiest to build & learn. I don't agree. There has been nothing easy about this. I have spent hundreds of hours trying to figure it out and even though I started this account in January, I have yet to have anyone besides me purchase anything off the site! I am going to give this one last try with this rubics cube of shopping carts and that is it for me!

I read your post several times and still don't know what to do, or how to do it.
I am going to work on this today and post my feelings about it on facebook, twitter, google+ and other forums that I use tonight!

Look, I apologize for getting upset. I think I know what you're trying to tell me. I just don't like things to be any harder than necessary. I don't have a computer background! Thanks for your help!

I am sorry that you are facing all these difficulties.

As a matter of fact the way Ecwid store works on your site is caused by the specifics of the site structure. Also please, mind that Apple discontinued supporting the iWed sitebuiler, please, find more details on their support forum: So there is possibitiy that they will terminate iWeb sites and this way not only your store will stop working but your whole site.

We are concerned about Ecwid users to have the best selling experience, so we suggest you using some other platform to create a website. For instance, you can create your site on Wordpress or Joomla, with our powerful Ecwid plugins on offer.

Also you can create a business page on Facebook and add your Ecwid store to this page, this way do not even need a separate website, with our application for Facebook:

Please, let me know if you have any questions. I will be glad to help.
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