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Originally Posted by Shelly Andrade of Shizzle Design View Post
My store was migrated from Blogger to Wordpress and worked fine all day yesterday. The last order I received came through at 12:56 a.m. this morning and when I woke up this morning, I had a message that people are not able to order. When I went in to look at it, everything was gone. I logged into Ecwid and I have all my products listed, but when I click on "view store" it takes me to a blank page. What happened overnight while I was sleeping?

The gal who I hired to do the migration has temporarily linked it to the Ecwid link I have on Facebook so at least I won't lose any more orders right now. PLEASE help me today; I'm heading out of town for two weeks and will have very limited internet access.

When I click on "View Storefront" it takes me to:

I've just replied to your bug report. Please, check your email box.
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