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Default "Related Products"


1) Is there a way to add related products (automatically selected from the same catagory) on a product page? Example : I want to create a book shop. On selection of any book from "biography" catagory, User should be able to see other books (5-6 nos.) from "biography" catagory.

2) I am looking for a feature "product labels". (or Tags)
Example - In my book store I want to apply labels like author name, Publisher name etc.
I dont want to use "Catagory" feature for it becuase 1000 catagory names will easily get exhausted in segregating authors and publishers.

3) (It's my opinion and suggestion) I think you should not wait for people voting for integration with various payment systems. You should try to integrate as many payment methods as possible. I am sure lot of other users will also support for this.

I know I am asking for something like a CMS functionality (too much !), But I feel the above requirements are very much important.

Salil Chaudhary