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Originally Posted by Protective Mailers View Post

I have recently ordered gift for my friend online for his birthday coming on next week. So can i get the well packed gift wrapping if i want it? Do online shopping websites have the facilities of wrapping gifts also or do i have to do with my own? I want that my courier should be safe and secure also. Please suggest.
Thank you for the question!

I believe you've already sorted that out, but if it could still be relevant (or if someone else stumbles upon this thread with a similar question):

Basically, an online store is just a part of a website or in case with Ecwid, a widget added to a website. Its function is allowing merchants to display their products online, and their customers to see these products and make a purchase if they find anything they like.

However, there's a living person (or a company) behind each online store: the store owner, who created the store and uploaded products to it, so once he's notified by his online store that new order was placed, actual shipping is up to him (or them). Of course he won't normally do this alone, and will use some carrier company's services to handle the delivery, for example.

So, the answer to your question about gift wrapping would be: this really depends on store owner. Some of them offer gift wrapping, specialising in gifts, and some won't: it's up to oneself to choose if he wants to offer such service, and one would surely let his customers know in some way that they do (after all it's one's interest to offer an option to use such additional service, if it's available).

Same goes for the choice of carrier company or courier services: some would use renown companies like USPS, some would send their products with couriers, but usually it's better to offer customer a choice, so merchant would have several shipping methods to choose from, including even in-store pickup in some cases.

Hope this helps someone!