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Thanks a lot for your feedback about the terminology!

We are doing our best to make Ecwid most understandable and user-friendly and your messages are very helpful.

As for the "Export All Found" and "Export All" buttons, they are functioning a bit differently from what you describe. Clicking the “Export All” button exports all the products from your inventory, no matter if they are showing on the current page or not. Clicking "Export all found" exports the part of your inventory that matches some criteria - you select them using the filters in the column headers (SKU, Name, Category and Availability) or using the product search field on the top right.

The ticks in the first column are selecting the products just for “Modify” and “Delete” options above the table. So for example if you use a filter by category and then tick some products from the appeared list of the items, clicking the “Export All Found” button will export all the products from the selected category, not just the ones that are ticked.

Please find more detailed information in our article about exporting products.

Thank you once again for your feedback, we will consider adding the feature of exporting just the products that are selected with a tick. You might also want to vote for this suggestion at Customer Suggestions & Ideas for Ecwid.
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