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Cool Export all found (should be 'Export Selected')

Hi, I was exporting products again today into another store, realized that the terminology makes no sense whatsoever;
It would make more sense at least to an English person, to take the "Export all found" text, and change it to 'Export Selected'.

It is not logical to say "all found" because perhaps i had searched for 30 products which turn up on the page as a search result in the products tab, but i may only wish to export ten of them. I don't then wish to export all items found on the page, and it wont export all found anyway even if i did .. because 'export all' already does that!

Export All Found button, exports the selected products in the tickbox list, but not, i repeat not ever, when using the "all found' button. I don't see how 'all found' and 'all selected' can mean the same

Hence; Nonsensical title for that particular function.