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Originally Posted by Putter Here View Post
This is great but how do I edit CSS of a product On a category page? There seems to be no id for that?? Thanks


Each product page in Ecwid has the product ID mentioned in CSS classes of page HTML elements so the custom CSS changes can be applied to some particular product. In the similar manner, each category page has the corresponding category ID specified in its code. But category pages don't have product IDs placed anywhere in their HTML codes so it is not possible to adjust the custom CSS codes so that they will be applied particular products on the category page.
However, it is possible to do it by means of the Ecwid Javascript API - in a custom JS script, you can handle the Ecwid page loading, detect the category ID and make necessary changes on the page. Please refer to these thread for the examples:

Could you, please, specify what exactly you are trying to achieve?
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