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Originally Posted by OurRainbow Press View Post
I think the issue is related to how many columns you have in grid view. My standard store ahs 3 columns so in grid view this casued FB to have a scroll bar. the other views auto fit into the 520px width on FB. I am quite sure if I changed the grid to have two columns if would work okay.
Horizontal scrollbar? Did you increase the size of your product thumbnails?
The changing of the grid to have two columns only is a good solution.

Originally Posted by lakesentrance View Post
But if you change the grid view for your facebook page, it will change the settings for your normal website too, yes?

That's why I will use qetzals standard facebook setup, as I don't think the settings in there affect your original website. Unless I'm wrong.
If you change the grid view for your FB page, it will not affect your settings for your normal website any way. So you can have your store installed in many places with different widget settings, such as enabled/disabled product views, number of products per page, etc.

So each installed widget can be adapted to the particular site, where it is installed and these widgets will work correctly at the same time. Pretty cool : -)
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