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Originally Posted by mammamiu View Post
From my german shop some items can't be sent with a cheap package, because they are big. The shop is giving them a cheap shipping, because they are extremely light (for example a pillow is big and light). The shop "thinks" this would match into a "simple mail" but it doesn't because of the size.

In the shipping options there is no way to set a maximum size if the package.

I could write a big weight to make the shop chose the right shipping option - i did this. But customers can see the weight somewhere in the order description and start asking me: "what??? this pillow is over 2 kg?!"

I could just add the additional shipping prize to the items prize (but then people see the item in my shop in Moscow and ask "why does it cost 9 euros more in Berlin?" :-)

How can i make the shop automatically chose a more expensive shipping (or ad some amount to the shipping), as soon, as someone adds one of the big things to his order?

I can suggest two ways of setting up shipping in the manner you described.

1. Add an additional fixed shipping rate for the oversized products.
In addition to carrier-calculated and user-defined shipping methods in Ecwid, it is also possible to set an extra fixed shipping rate, which can either replace the global rates for the particular product or be added to them. Thus, in your case, you can define such a special rate for each oversized product and an extra fixed rate will be added to an order total when such a product is purchased. If the cart contains products with different fixed rates, they all will be summed up and added to the resulting shipping cost. In order to set it up in this way please do the following:
- open the 'Tax and Shipping' tab on the product management page in your control panel
- select 'Global+Fixed rate' option in the Shipping freight selector
- set fixed rate that should be added to the shipping cost

This way an order weight and a customer destination will be taken in account during the shipping calculation (as usually), an extra rate will just add a specified amount to the shipping cost. On the other hand, the fixed rate itself won't depend on zones/weights - it will always remain the same.

2. Set a bigger weight for oversized products.
It is also possible to increase weight of such products so the appropriate shipping rates will be applied to an order. However, like you said, this workaround has a drawback - it may confuse a customer when they see an unexpected weight for one of the products in your store. In order to prevent such confusing you can consider hiding the product weight completely like described in this article:

Hope it helps.
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