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Originally Posted by Christo VanRensburg View Post
I sell items that are $15.00 with shipping and tax. To keep count of my inventory and to whom I gave free items, I want to create a discount coupon, or something, to manually put in the system, so the cart will say $0.00 but it still adds the shipping and only the item and tax is $0.00
How can i tell my cart that it is a zero sale. I have read about skip payment, but shipping brings up a dollar amount. I want to use this system when i give friends a free item when i see them and then go in the evening and put the "sale" through the system to subtract the item from the inventory. This way i can later go and keep track of all the popular items.

At the moment it is possible to apply one discount coupon per order, either to provide product discount or free shipping. Coupon applies to subtotal on the cart page before shipping rate calculated. Shipping cost calculates and adds to order total after the coupon is applied. Please, refer to this article for description of other discount coupon peculiarities:
If you consider that that the ability to use multiple coupons per single order should be added to Ecwid, please,vote for this idea: and we will inform you when it will be added in Ecwid.

I can suggest you considering other discount options available in Ecwid - global discounts (your control panel -> Promotions -> Discounts) and Bulk discount pricing. You can use both the coupons and global discounts/bulk prices. For example, you can create a free shipping coupon AND a global discount for the orders greater than some value or apply bulk discount pricing for the products, so that a customer can take a discount on the product AND get free shipping. I hope, this helps.
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