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Hi Daria,

yes, I do know that Ecwid automatically selects the language according to the client's browser settings. That generally works, but it surprises me that such a natural thing as a language selector on the storefront page hasn't been implemented.

I've browsed the archives, and noted that I'm far from the only one wondering about this. I also note that you've mentioned that you work towards a truly multi-lingual solution since about 2010. That's a long time for nothing happening.

I've played around with javascript and your products widget, and it's far from easy. Including the widget on the page brings a lot of Ecwid scripts into play, and so far they seem to effectively dodge most attempts at selecting languages manually on the fly. A great example of this is your own language selector on the demo store page. It doesn't work (at least as far as I can tell) - no matter what language you select, on reload you're thrown back to browser detection (!)

Well, is selecting languages needed? Where I live, there are a lot of bi-lingual families sharing the same computers. That means that they can shop in their first or second language, but they can never choose if they don't tweak the browser settings. That's an unprofessional approach, as far as I'm concerned.

The last resort is utilizing iframes, but jeez, it shouldn't really be necessary. Why not just allow several instances of the widget to be loaded on the same page, then hide/show the relevant one by CSS or JS?