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Originally Posted by pati610 View Post

I've heard a lot of good things about the multi-lingual feature of ecwid. I tried to set up a Facebook store, but I just get English in there. Should the FB store switch languages according to the users settings, or are they set in stone (in English?).

If so, I will not be able to use ecwid. It should be able to run in two, possibly three, languages at the same time. The currency is the same (euro) so no problem there, but the languages are a deal-breaker.

I might very well have missed something, since I'm new to ecwid. I am a programmer, though, so if there are solutions that requires scripting that shouldn't be too much of an obstacle.

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The storefront language is taken from the browser's main language. The same refers to Ecwid stores added to Facebook. It means that if you open the store in the browser with the English set as the primary language, you will see the store in English. If you open it in the browser with let's say Spanish as the main language, you will see the store in Spanish.

You can keep as many languages enabled in your store as needed. The storefront is translated into about 45 languages. You can enable/disable them in control panel > Settings > General > Languages.

Learn more about the storefront translations in Ecwid in this article:

Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!
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