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Originally Posted by osgx View Post
Thanks for the reply
I think you may have been confused at what I was trying to say.

Basically I have just recently purchased hosting and am looking to put a shop on using the ECWID code so it has no connection with WIX.

Originally the account I set up with ECWID was when I was testing on the WIX site, but now I need to use the same account so that I can add more than 10 products on my other site on my new hosting. So I was wondering how can I switch from my FREE to a Premium
account as all it displays at the moment is "To upgrade to Premium subscription please go to your Wix website editor, navigate to page where Ecwid shop widget is located, click on the Ecwid shop widget then select "Settings" menu item and click "Upgrade this App" button."

The thing is that store registered via Wix applicaiton can be subscribed Premium plan only and this subscription can be done via Wix only.

If you want to install your Ecwid store to another site and subscribe it to paid plan that allows to add more than 10 items in your store, you will need to register new store here: Product and categories from your current store can be transferred using import/export functionality.

Once you have registered new Ecwid store, you will be able to subscribe it to any of Ecwid plans in Ecwid control panel -> My profile -> Billing and Plans

Good luck!
Maya N., Ecwid Team

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