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Originally Posted by pizzalovers View Post
yeah, i place a single product in my wix page with the HTML code option from ecwid and when i try it the widget didnt allow me to add the final buy to the cart.
That's the code that i put in my page and looks like is not synchronized to the cart

Thank you for these details.

In this forum thread we are discussing a situation, when you go to Ecwid control panel > Catalog > Products > Select a product > Click the 'HTML' icon in the product description area and the contents of HTML version of your product description are empty, although they are present in the visual description editor.

Our development team is working on the fix for this at the moment, so it will work correctly after one of the next Ecwid updates. I will inform you here when it happens.

The situation that you are describing, is happening due to how Wix websites work: if you add any code into the HTML widget in Wix editor, that content will be added into the iframe. An iframe HTML element is not connected to the rest of the page.

So if you add your embedded product code into that widget, then it will basically have another counter for minicart, and it will synchronise with the minicart extension of your Ecwid app on Wix if you refresh the page, because Ecwid stores the minicart contents in the storage of your browser and when the page is loaded for the first time or reloaded, this content is updated everywhere.

For Wix built websites, I strongly recommend you to use Ecwid application for Wix exclusively, and if you need to point to a specific product or category from another page, then you can open that product/category in your main store page on your website and grab the link from the browser's address bar, then create a link on that another page, so it will lead to where you need it. As I see, your website is already working in a similar way.

Please create a separate forum thread if you have any further questions about this situation.
Thank you.
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