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Originally Posted by OurRainbow Press View Post

I would think that the facebook appliaction that Ecwid develops will be a good one and will likely give some good alternatives. I went ahead and did mine so that I could have a store open that was similar to the one on our website. I will potentially change it depending on what Ecwid develops. Setting it up is not difficult. Leave a link to your fan page so I can see how yours progresses.
I tried to set it up, but for some reason got totally messed up with the URL's it was asking for. The canvas page url etc.

I created an index2.html file, uploaded it to my server, then tried to enter that as the Canvas URL ... ... but it insisted the URL had to end in a trailing slash. But of course, putting a trailing slash after the index2.html just didn't work.

As you'll see, by clicking on the above link, it opens the page no problems.

So I gave up for now, and thought i'd wait for ecwid to create their app.