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Alexandra with Ecwid team here, thanks for contacting us!

Is your website built with Wix, isn't it? I couldn't find a link to your store in our database, but you mentioned so.

The thing is that Wix uses iframe technology to build websites. When you add any content to your Wix website, it is stored in the iframe container. Iframe technology has certain restrictions: the content in the iframe is isolated from the rest of the page. When you add a single product to Wix page, it is also stored in the iframe. As a result, a single product will not be connected to other Ecwid elements and customers will only see the product without being able to navigate to a shopping cart and proceed to a checkout page. Thus, we do not recommend adding Ecwid single widgets to Wix websites. Instead, it is better to use our official app for Wix to install Ecwid there. The app was developed to overcome Wix iframe restrictions. (Just in case, here you can find a guide on how to install Ecwid to Wix).

Once you publish Ecwid Product Browser on your Wix page, then you can create a custom button in your Wix Editor which will redirect your customers to the product, located at your Ecwid Store.

In order to get a direct link to a product, proceed with the steps below:

– Go to your Wix website and open the page where you added your Ecwid store. Click on the necessary product and copy the URL from the address bar of your browser.

– Create a page where you want to display your product; then create a custom button and link it to the URL you got earlier.

As a result, your custom "Buy now" button will redirect your customers to the specific product description page. Your customers will be able to add the item to the shopping bag and proceed to checkout.

Hope this helps. Feel free to contact us again if any further questions arise.
Alexandra Scully,
Ecwid Customer Care Team
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