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Default Is Ecwid any good for a small business?

I am helping my mother in law setup a small store to sell handmade jewelry, primarily to sell via Facebook and Instagram. She is currently only selling to friends/family as well as at the occasional trade fair. We don't currently have a website and I don't expect us to create one any time soon (feel free to tell me how wrong I am). Unless the store really takes off, the social media will primarily be used to keep local repeat customers. I have lofty goals for the business but am also realistic.

I noticed some ads for Ecwid which seemed to highlight the ability to help with order management and post new items to Facebook / Instagram (as well as some other features). But every post I've seen here has shown that it is pretty bad and not worth the time.

Is it worth getting? Of course, the fact that it's free should mean that it will always be "worth" getting but if we ever decide to scale up to the paid versions I'd like to know if we should consider something else.usps tracking showbox speed test

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