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Default Product combos

I can see how this might be useful, but it doesn't appear to offer the functionality that we need. Maybe someone can tell me how to set this up.

We have the following products which are for sale individually:

Product A - 3 types (2 types have multiple color, one is single color only)
Product B - 4 types (all have multiple colors)
Product C - 4 types (all have multiple colors)
Product D - 1 type (multiple colors)

Then we have Product E in multiple colors, which is not for sale individually.

The combo:

A customer chooses 1 of Product A, and adds 1 of either B or C, and 1 of D and E (a total combo of 4 products). Rather than shipping separately, these are put together into one unit and then shipped.

Now I have figured out a way of doing it as a single product with multiple dropdowns with dozens of options in each - doable but clumsy. I must admit to not having read the product combo thing totally and had hoped I could pick an existing product line as a combo part rather than the way it is set up now.

Am I wrong, or are we faced with dropdowns of 30+ options in each? What would work is conditional branching like in forms. Choose type A of Product B and only it's colors shows. Doesn't help with stock control but would help with selections.