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Default Customer Login Issue


During the process of setting up the site (using a custom site),
we noticed that the customer login functionality is only restricted to
be logged-in through the customer's email.

While this function surely will make all things more secure,
it is something that just won't work too well with the business
that our client is trying to do and is the only reason
we are not upgrading to be a paid member yet.

While searching the forums, I noticed that it is possible
to reset the account back to the old version of username and password
login functionality.

If that can be done to our store, that would be fantastic!

our Store ID is 12966557.

Also, I want to make sure that this login functionality will work in
custom built website as well? (as long as it is integrated correctly?)

Lastly, I wanted to know if a program called "customer's canvas"
can be integrated with ECWID products?
link to customer's canvas:

Thanks in advance!