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Default variations, product sku and printed invoice out of sync

Today i had an order for a bull statue sku 02179
but i couldn't find it, because the order invoice i printed, which is what i use to go find the product according to sku , said 'SKU 02182' (i use stickers on my products in the storeroom with the sku number on them)
The orders page says 02182, but when i click on the product link in the orders page of that order, the product says SKU 02179
Hence, i spent 2 hours looking for a box with 02182 on it, and in the end, found an item with SKU 02179 which fits the image
I then looked within the product writeup in product editor of product SKU 02179
and saw a plus over the sku (+ symbol)
i floated my cursor and it said 'This product has variations which affect this value'
That is all good and well, but excuse me, when i say, that a variation, is not necessarily a separate product in a separate box with a separate sticker and a separate SKU number on it.
The invoice printed out should not be different from the product SKU
i saw the variation in the order invoice which was a 'altar tray to place the statue on'.
The altar tray 'variation' is an 'extra item' to add, but the product remains product 02179 (plus the altar tray).
why should the original prodyct maintain its sku in the product editor, but the invoice shows a different sku? i dont have multiple items of that to pack with variation skus.. they are all the same product, and should not need two stickers on their boxes saying 02179 "and just in case they want a tray with it please remember that this product is then 02182"
If i had an employee searching and packing for me they would have been more baffled than i was
the sku shown on the invoice does not exist in my stock in the storeroom
so confusing to see SKU 02182 on the order invoice, and click on the product and see SKU 02179
total chaos, 2 hours lost, and a meaningless invoice indeed!
This discrepancy should be made visibly clear in the printed invoice and the orders data visible in cp on id)
It isn't and it is very very confusing.
Hence, i shall have to stop using variations and post variation options as separate products in future which will reduce the chances of people adding those extras, due to them not being integrated within the same product. The printed invoice and orders display does not reflect these variation issues as far as SKU is concerned, and produces danger of confusion.

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