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Originally Posted by Vasiliy Derevko View Post
Hi, just want to make sure - I want to buy an ecommerce theme from and they said that their themes are compatible only with Woo and Jigo. Yet you say Ecwid is good for all themes? Who is right? Can you suggest a theme with guaranteed ecwid compatibility except

Ecwid is SaaS solution that’s fully hosted and maintained by our team. You can embed the Ecwid widgets on your website to any page, and it doesn't require specific design theme. Also you'll be able to change Ecwid store layout via CSS to make your store look similar to the main site theme.
So basically you can use any theme you like. The only limit may be with themes that use AJAX-based navigation. Such themes might conflict with AJAX-based navigation in Ecwid because both use the same URL format.
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