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Hi, Robert!

It's Pixie from Ecwid Support team, thank you for contacting us!

I should mention that Ecwid is an e-commerce solution that helps merchants create online stores and start selling as soon as it's possible.

As I understand you'd like to sell in your physical bakery and also take orders via your online store. So you need to control digital and physical sales, update the inventory and order data across online and offline channels in one place, right?

If so, it can be carried out via POS systems.

To my regret, we don't have the integration with ePOS for iPad: yet.

At this moment we have integrations with the following POS systems:

Vend: ,
Square: ,
Clover: .

You can find details on each of the POS in the following articles:


In order to connect one of the POS, please go to you Ecwid Control Panel > All Sales Channels > POS.

However, I suppose that it can be possible to connect ePOS for iPad to Ecwid with the help of a custom application based on API. You can do it yourself or hire a developer. Here is our API documentation: for it. Please, note it requires some technical skills.

Also, our Customization team can help you code this app on a paid basis. I can forward your request to them if you'd like. Then our manager will contact you with all the details and a quote.

If you want to accept payments on the go using your iPad you can connect the PayPal HERE receiver: to your Ecwid app for IOS: .

Please, note that this option is available for merchants from the USA and the UK.

Also, you can use the Square Credit Card reader: to accept payments at your point of sale.

If you have any further question, please ask!