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Originally Posted by Mi7 EVENTS View Post
I'm not sure what you mean as the link to the file: ecwid_labels_7x_eng.js is showing in the header section. It just doesn't appear to be overriding the Ecwid code.
Thank you for information, I haven't noticed that script.

Yes, indeed, your site has that script linked from <head> tag. However, when you keep a script in a separate *.js file, it is supposed to contain only the JavaScript syntax and not the HTML markup. But file begins with <script> and ends with </script>, which is HTML markup. This makes your script syntactically invalid from its first line, and as result it doesn't run at all. That's why your custom translation is not working.

To overcome this you need to delete <script> and </script> lines from that file. This will make that file a valid JavaScript source and it will work, applying your custom translation to Ecwid.