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Default Javascript API to get car items

Originally Posted by Maya View Post
Hello Kim,

Currently, Ecwid allows to display number of items in the cart, subtotal and link to the cart page using Minicart widget in "Mini" view only. Please, refer to this article for details:

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get the information about number of items in the cart and subtotal now. However, we are currently working on the modification of Javascript API that will allow you to get all information about cart contents. It will be added to Ecwid in one of upcoming releases. Stay turn!

As for now, you can customize the Minicart appearance using custom CSS theme. Could you give me sketch, which illustrate how this information should look? I will try to help you with this.
Hi Maya!
I was just wondering if you might have a general timeframe for when the Javascript API might be updated to get the info about cart contents? Thanks!