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Originally Posted by Blanche Rainwater View Post
Hi, Eugene,

I am trying to do 2 things:

(1) change the categories menu from Horizontal (by default) to Vertical (on the left) - with menus rolling out to the right when hovering, and

(2) fit the size of the website nicely and snuggly into VKontakte -- at the moment it looks a bit ugly when integrate it -- a customer would need to scroll quite a long way to the right to see the entire menu and all front-page product categories (maybe #1 will automatically fix the #2 problem).

I tried to copy / paste the code you provided in this post to change to a Vertical category, but nothing has changed. I'd appreciate if you could provide a bit more instruction as to where in the code for Basecase CSS I need to copy / paste what and if this code is meant for vertical category orientation or only for vertical sub-categories?

thank you
Could you give me the link to Vkontake page, where your store is installed?
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