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Originally Posted by John C View Post
I have been looking at the new Starter Site feature. I'm considering setting it to use a sub domain like This is in addition to my full site which is not particularly mobile friendly. Is the Starter Site "search engine friendly" ? Specifically, are there unique pages that Google will index ? Thank you.

Thank you for your question.

Currently Ecwid has fully responsive layout. Ecwid storefront can automatically adapt to any screen width but if your website does not have a mobile view, you can use your Starter Site as the mobile storefront.

As you know Ecwid supports Google AJAX indexing specification to allow indexing store product pages by search engines. The details of that specification are given in the Google documentation on it:

The indexing, as you might see from that document, actually relies on the specific reply of your site server on a slightly modified URL. That reply of your server must contain the page-specific data, in case of your catalog - the listing of your products and the product description, price and picture for the product details page.

This product information is not stored on your site server - it is stored in Ecwid, since you edit your products in Ecwid control panel, not on your site. So, in order to provide the expected reply to Google, your server must somehow have your product data. This is done by requesting that data directly from Ecwid's server via Product API. Such action requires a special server-side script to be placed on your site server. Our ready plugins for Wordpress and Joomla already have such code in them. As to other sites, such script should be placed on the server manually.

Since you have no access to Starter Site server (it is hosted by Ecwid) - you have no ability to place that custom server-side script. Hence it will not be possible to retrieve the necessary product data to Starter Site server in order to display it for Google. Thus, unfortunately, Starter Site server cannot comply with the Google AJAX specification.
Sergey G., Ecwid Team
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