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Originally Posted by Qetzal View Post
Affiliates always prefer to have some kind of dashboard where they can track their sales & commissions. Even if a merchant has such an app installed on his own merchant's server, where he has full control over it (and technically can modify any number he wants), affiliates will trust it more than if numbers are sent to them directly.

So, if you want to launch an affiliate program, you should use some affiliate system that will track and calculate commissions and integrate it with Ecwid. There is plenty of them: the self-hosted ones, when you should install them on your own server or the SaaS ones, when you should just sign up.
Some examples that have come to my attention recently: Zferral and Post Affiliate Pro.

An important note: almost all affiliate systems are integrated with shopping carts by adding a few lines of JavaScript code to the last checkout page. In the next Ecwid version (10.2) we will add a new feature that will make such integrations very easy.

So, I'd suggest selecting an affiliate system you like, then waiting till 10.2 and integrating it with Ecwid.
Do you know if there is a free affiliate system that we could use for small businesses?

The pricing structure is pretty high for us small business owners.