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Originally Posted by Kaskara View Post
How to sell Memberships status on Wix for users with using Ecwid?

I want make auto system.
Costumer paid with Ecwid for ,examplem, VIP .
And he will get hide pages only for VIP users on WIX.

My name is Mary and I will be happy to help.

If I get the idea right there will be several customer groups with different statuses. Each group should have access to a certain category or categories. If this is the case, then use hidden products and categories option: Hidden products and categories

Besides, there is also an option to hide the prices and "Add to cart" buttons from customers who are not logged in. Only customers that have accounts in your Ecwid store will be able to place orders. See more info in this article: Ecwid CSS Cookbook|Hiding prices from customers who are not logged in

Hope this helps.
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