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Originally Posted by Arredare Oggi View Post
I already do that!
I'm telling that the order is the opposite!
Selecting 'Date added' the newest inserted are on the bottom!
For example check my shop in the section of appliances and note that the hobs are first inserted and are on top!
This happens because the link that you posted contains "sort=normal" part which forces the products to be displayed in normal order: the latest added products are shown at the bottom of the page. Ecwid remembers the sorting option selected by the client and generates links to category pages taking into account the desired order of products' displaying.

If you open up your store in incognito mode in your web-browser you'll notice that the links to category page contain "sort=addedTimeDesc" and products are sorted by the date when they were added (which you set as "Default Products Sort Order" on System settings -> General -> Cart page of Ecwid control panel): the newly added products go to the top of the page. They will be sorted that way unless site visitor chooses another sorting option via "Sort by" drop-down.

Please let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.
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