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Originally Posted by Arredare Oggi View Post
I would like to order my items in inverse date order.
How can I do?
If I got your idea right, you would like the position of each product on category pages to be determined by the date when it was added to the store. The product that you added last should be displayed at the very bottom of the page. As such way of sorting products isn't a commonly requested one Ecwid doesn't support it. However, if it's crucial for you to display products like this you can develop a custom script that will connect to our product API to retrieve products' data and form the list of products sorted in the desired order. If you require help with developing such script you can order development services from our Qualiteam friends. Send an e-mail to describing what you would like to do and they will get back to you with a cost estimation for the task and timeframes for it's completion.
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