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Originally Posted by Liberian Love Souvenirs View Post

My store link is

I'm on the Free plan and I setup Square, Paypal, and a couple other Payment Options.

I am trying to do a test payment myself and paying by Square. In the Checkout section, I cannot enter any information into the payment section and there is a Lock icon. What is the problem. My Square account is all setup and verified.

Please help.

It's Pixie from Ecwid Support team. Thanks for contacting us!

I've checked your website: , added a product to bag and went through the checkout process. This is what I noticed:

* When I went to the Payment details step and chose Square as a payment option, I really couldn't enter the CC details within first several seconds as the secure payment form was loading. I saw the following: a screenshot—

* In several seconds, when the form was loaded, I saw the following: a screenshot— . The lock icon means that this form is secure and CC details are in safety as these details are processed only on the Square side.

* After that, I clicked on the form and was able to add CC details. A screenshot:

Thus, please choose Square at checkout, wait for several seconds till the payment form loads and then try to add CC details.

Please let me know about the results. Thank you!