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Hey Qball,

Thanks for using it.

I wanted to ask a couple background questions regarding your request for UPC codes.

When you add the column for UPC do you want it both on the master inventory sheet and the GooglMC .txt sheet?

If you do then I would suggest you create a new sheet called ShopSavvy beside the GMC and copy everything from the GMC sheet on over.

For both the Master Inventory and the new ShopSavvy Sheet. add the column UPC to the Very end of the sheets so not to mess up any formula's.

On the Master Inventory you can color it something else so you know it is an added field for Shop Savvy.

On the new ShopSavvy sheet at the very end copy a Vlookup forumla, hit enter (please hit enter or you will mess up your sheet) and then paste it into the new UPC column and change the number from 26 or whatever Vlookup you took to the new column number that is on the Master Inventory sheet.

If the last part is confusing - what I mean is this. Vlookup counts by columns. So for example if your column is in letter Z than that is column number 26 and that is the number you should use. It won't be 26 it will be higher because you are using a column at the end of the inventory sheet. So just count past Z and add 26 and that will be your column number.

It will pull in the information from the new column into your new Shop Savvy sheet.

Proceed the same.

Let me know if that helps.