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Originally Posted by Gabriel Frey View Post
Hi there

i am planing a online shop for my already existing Weebly site. ECWID seems to be an interesting solution, although according to the problems discussed in the forum and especially regarding the google indexing problem, the ECWID & Weebly integration seems still a bit groggy.

So my big question before subscribing to a plan in ECWID:

Are there any plans/develompents on the way to release an out of the box integration / instant ready & easy to use app for weebly sites à la your WIX integration?

Infos on this would really make my decision easier if I should go with ECWID, thanks!
Hi Gabriel,

Thank you for your question!
We are very glad to hear that you are considering using Ecwid as online store for your Weebly website.

There are two good news:
The first one is that Ecwid app for Weebly is already available in Weebly App Center. So, now the installation and further adjustments are much more convenient.

How to find the app:
1. Log into your Weebly account
2. Navigate to the Build section and then to "Apps"

3. Go to App Center
4. Click "Search" and type "ecwid" there

5. Here it is!

The second piece of good news concerns the SEO issue.

Few background notes:
Ecwid is an AJAX application. It means that products, categories and all the other content of your store is delivered to a visitor dynamically using JavaScript.
Search engines were used to be unable to properly index JavaScript content, that's why many AJAX applications have troubles with SEO.

In order to change this situation Google has developed AJAX Indexing specification that helped to make dynamic content visible for search engines.

Ecwid supports this technology — it's implemented by default in our plugins for Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal and also in the Ecwid app for Wix.

However, if you use another platform, you had to implement Google AJAX Indexing for your store by yourself.

This approach requires modifying the PHP sources of your website, which Weebly doesn't allow. So that was a problem.

And now to the good news again
Google announced that now their indexing system renders web pages more like a typical modern browser, with CSS and JavaScript turned on now.

It means that implementation of AJAX Indexing technology is not required to make your Ecwid store visible for Google currently.

So, according to these changes, Ecwid stores added to the Weebly websites should be indexed successfully without any additional adjustments.

I hope this information will help you to make a decision.
Should you have any further questions, just let me know. I'll be glad to help you.


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