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Originally Posted by tela.formosa View Post
I thought it would be automatic, but the test item I bought through paypal was not removed from the catalog.

Is it supposed to be?

I thought the beauty of this cart was that I could put it in many places and have it update each one in real time when items are sold.
Ecwid has built-in features for inventory tracking which help store owners to keep an eye on their sales and goods. Each product in your store can have an assigned quantity in stock. This number is automatically decreased, when the product is purchased, and increased when an order is marked as declined or canceled. The inventory information is kept synchronized across all of your storefronts - if a number of available items of the product is changed in one place then the new updated quantity will be displayed in the other ones. When the quantity of a product reaches 0, the product becomes out of stock and cannot be ordered by customers.

If you want the out of stock products to be hidden in storefront, you should tick the 'Hide out of stock products' checkbox in your store settings in Ecwid control panel (System settings → General → Cart).

On the other hand, every product can be set as unlimited, a customer can purchase as many items of such a product as he want and the product never becomes out of stock.

I have checked your store and it seems that all of the described functionality works correctly there. Please inform me if it doesn't work for some of your products, I will investigate the issue deeply.
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