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Originally Posted by CryptoJohn View Post
I have an outside site that updates product prices via javascript every few seconds and passes results to DOM id's.

Can I add this js functionality to my ecwid cart? If so can I add it globally then just add the DOM id's to html under each product or does each product need the js?

I'd also like to pass changes to the <div class="ecwid-productBrowser-head">item 1 x 100 units</div> of each item to update the amount of each product the customer can get for xdollars.

please provide a detailed answer on how to implement.

Hello John,

Ecwid is a SaaS hosted shopping cart, which basically means that all the store data are stored on our servers and delivered to you and your customers by means of AJAX.

This approach is great because it allows you seamlessly integrate your Ecwid store to any existing website, blog or even a social network such as Facebook.

And since all the data are stored on our servers, you cannot update product prices simply by changing them in HTML code of the page.

Now to your question, you can change the product prices thus:
  1. Manually: go to your Ecwid Control Panel > Catalog > Products and change your product prices there.
  2. Via export/import feature: export existing product prices in a CSV file, specify new prices and import this file in Ecwid.
  3. Via Ecwid API: you can develop your own custom application that will communicate with Ecwid via API and change your product prices every few minutes automatically.

I believe in your case you should use the third option. Of course such development will require programming skills, which is out of scope of just a customer support service. So if you are not a developer, you should hire somebody for this work.

If you need a professional help with the development, please, feel free to contact Qualiteam company (email at to request a quote), or to any other developer.
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