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Originally Posted by Truckers R Us View Post
I'm am trying to make some educated decisions here. We are doing a complete makeover and change of venues. I have definitely decided on Ecwid for my new choice of shopping carts. I'm just needed to know some integration specifics. Does Ecwid currently host/support any type of direct transfer options for DOBA Drop Shipping? Also I'm undecided as weather or not we are going with GoDaddy or Weebly for our new hosting/design service. Which of the two would work more efficiently with the Ecwid Shopping Cart? If the answer is neither does anyone (Does not have to be an Ecwid Employee to answer this part. I would love to hear from other e-commerce owners that are currently operating Ecwid.) have any suggestions on who I might need to check out. I don't like the fact that GoDaddy and Weebly are restrictive to them with their "All In One" packages. I'm impressed that Ecwid allow multiply site integration for one monthly fee. Thanks for your consideration, help and time on this matter.

Okay. You will have to excuse me. While looking at my updated PTMP with my Drop Shipper I do see a new button on there now for Ecwid. I did not notice this prior to this thread. But do still need information on ease of access and integration between GoDaddy or Weebly? Or if I should be checking into a different company all together?
Sorry for keeping you waiting for a reply. We’re glad to hear you are considering Ecwid as your ecommerce platform.

Ecwid can be added to any web-site or profile page. Both GoDaddy and Weebly allow to benefit from all features provided by Ecwid in full. As there’s no difference between them from Ecwid’s perspective you may want to check what advantages they have over each other and choose the one that matches your goals the most.

Speaking of using DOBA in connection with Ecwid: there’s no built-in tool for integration at this moment, unfortunately. There’s, however, export functionality provided by DOBA (see for details) which allows to generate a CSV file with the product data of Ecwid’s format and populate your catalog in Ecwid store with the products from this file using our import/export tool.

We also developed different APIs that can be used to integrate with third-party companies. For example, If DOBA offers an API as well you might be able to develop a custom integration to automatically import orders that you received in your Ecwid store into your DOBA account.
Bulat F.,
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