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Default Everyone Wants a Cart, The Ecwid Logo is a CART, What's With TFB!

The Ecwid Logo is a Cart.
Everyone seems to prefer a cart icon and labels.
The trivial amount of code that would need to be written into Ecwid to add a cart/bag switch could be done by anyone in your team in under an hour.

Just seems a little lazy from a coding and design standpoint.
I think if you did a survey of all of your paying customers whether a cart/bag switch is not only a good idea, but vital to your ongoing success, the results would be unanimous.

Just saying...

I just spent that amount of time searching your forums for the translation methods. Now I get to spend that much more making a nice compact cart button to go in my header. How many people have done this exact same process in the amount of time you could have coded a switch?