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i am sorry for that link,
i link to that because at first, that's the only domain i have..
but the ecwid store buy button that i try to embed is on
for now i still use free hosting on 000webhost but that not the case..

to be honest, i am trying to understand ecwid before i open service to make ecommerce website for others..

my case is that, when i try to embed the code on 000webhost server..i get that error..

so basically i just copy the code from ecwid panel and paste it there..
note that the product is demo product that ecwid give by default,.i am not changing anything..just trying to see how ecwid works with buy now button..

EDITED: (for additional information)

i am not able to save the code that i paste there, because when i try to save the 000webhost panel refuse to save the code with error...but if i remove the ecwid buy now button widget..everything is normal..

EDIT : added information
i am not using wordpress on this new yeah..that's why i embed the code and not using any plugin..

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