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I think you guys are moving in the right direction, but this hasn't been fully thought out.

Some Ecwid plans have a maximum monthly transaction volume, i.e. if your total number of successful transactions is more than the maximum revenue volume, you will be prompted to upgrade to the next plan in order to process additional transactions.
So lets says I'm on the free plan and I get hit by a Hurricane, which just happened and we were without power for about 2 days. So I'm without power for 2 days and I go over the monthly transaction volume, without power I cannot access the internet, so new customers will lose sales because their customers will have some kind of error messages stating the store has hit it's monthly transaction volume and they will need to go else where in order to purchase?

Can you guys clarify the process here for everyone? It seems very confusing and doesn't clearly point out the what happens to customers who try to purchase on a store that just recently hit it's monthly transaction volume.