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Lightbulb Ecwid mobile plans: responsive design is coming

Hi all,

I want to share some plans about our mobile strategy and our future mobile features.

Mobile is the future
Nowadays mobile has become an integral part of ... everything!, especially in the e-commerce industry. The number of customers who do shopping using their phones is growing incredibly fast . So mobile version of a catalog isn't just a nice addition anymore. It is a must have.

That's why Ecwid has had a mobile catalog since its first version was released 3 years ago. Every Ecwid merchant gets a separate mobile version of his/her store optimized for phones.

Modern mobile phones are much-much-much faster than those models 3 years ago. Well, technically they aren't phones - they're full-featured internet communication devices that can do the same things as usual computers. Naturally users expect the same level of functionality from mobile sites as from desktop sites. And they expect even more actually. They want additional functionality based on geo-location data and multi-touch. And they hate when a site redirects them to a limited mobile version.

Ecwid solves this problem
We are working now on a new Ecwid version that will satisfy these customers' needs perfectly. Ecwid will start to dynamically adapt to a customer's device while still providing all the functionality. All the features available for desktop users will be available for mobile users as well. The only difference is that the look of these features will be adapted to specific layout of mobile devices, so browsing Ecwid stores from a mobile will be very much convenient.

A range of mobile devices models are growing rapidly as well. Even if we take the Apple ecosystem only, it involves iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone - different screens with different widths. If we think about Android, it is even worse - the whole zoo of different screen sizes: tablet, smartphones, smartphones that look like tables and tablets that look like smartphones.

So Ecwid will handle a smart way to decide how Ecwid store should look like on a particular device (keeping in mind its width and available features) to make sure customer will get the maximum shopping experience. The most awesome part is that no additional efforts are required - it is the same widget and the same integration code.

Reports says that about 50% of mobile phone owners have smartphone, so every merchant will definitely benefit from this change.

Feature-phones remains important
The other 50% of mobile phone owners keep on using so called "feature-phones" - still a huge market share, that should be served as well. Our old mobile catalog is designed specially for them: it is a plain no-JavaScript shopping cart that is displayed without issues in browsers with limited HTML support and with slow CPUs.

So to sum it up
1. Ecwid is going to have an adaptive design, which will look good on any device from a smartphone to a desktop computer or even a smart TV.

2. The same integration code will suite all cases. If you have an adaptive theme of a website - great, Ecwid will work smoothly with it. If not, and the website isn't adapted for mobile, Ecwid will offer some tools to help make the mobile experience great. It will also be possible to just insert Ecwid to a mobile website - it will look good there too.

3. The separate mobile catalog for old feature-phones will also still be available - 50% is a lot of mobile customers.

And now it's time for a preview. Please keep in mind that it is still under development, hence there might be bugs to fix and improvements to implement. It is just an early preview of the future adaptive feature. It isn't ready for production and live sites yet.

Please, open this link and try to resize the Result section. You will see that Ecwid adapts its every page to the section width.

Product list

Product details

Q: When will this feature be released?
A: It will be released in v14, however I cannot provide any ETA yet.

If you have any questions, please post them to this thread.
Eugene K.
Ecwid Team

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