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I have checked your store and haven't found product thumbnails which you have added manually on the page.

Ecwid opens the link to the product detailed page in a separate pop-up window when the result page doesn't have Product browser widget in it. In your case ttp:// page doesn't have Product browser widget in it, so if you place product thumbnail on this page with following link then product with ID = 2086653 in pop-up window will be open.

This is the easiest way to force products to open in pop-up. The drawback of this method is that you will need to add and edit all product thumbnails manually.

Alternatively, you can create custom script using our Product API, which will form products list without using Product Browser automatically.

If you need professional help with this script development. I recommend you to contact our colleagues from Qualiteam. Please, send a message at with project description for quote.
Maya N., Ecwid Team

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