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Originally Posted by terrybarthdesign View Post
I noticed the demo has different color buttons for "clear bag", "continue shopping", "checkout", etc. than does the default when we install the store. Are there additional button choices available? Or shopping bag icons
Currently Ecwid has 3 skins. You can find them in your Control Panel:

System Settings > Design > CSS Themes

1 – Standard (green buttons, same as on;
2 – Beige (beige buttons);
3 – Red (red buttons, dark background).

To enable the theme:
1) Choose it
2) Click “Activate” in Status box
3) Click “Save”

I assume I could create my own buttons and modify the css to use them, but I was wondering if there might be a library of them already available?
We do not have button library now, we have only these three skins. You can submit idea about library to

Also I’ve posted “Ecwid Custom CSS. FAQ” ( with graphic source files. You can use them to create you own button colors.