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Originally Posted by undefined7684 View Post
I followed the recommended changes but it still did not work. I decided to try and input a zip code under Settings/Zones. To test this I input 39345 and saved it. I then went out to my store and tried to input an order using the 39345 zip code in the address and it worked. Will I have to input all zip codes?

Hi Terry,

You will just need to set the country and states in the destination zone settings in order for them to work. As I see, you have it set up correctly now and the zip code in the origin address is correct.

I just went to your storefront and I was able to see a couple of online rates in the checkout process:

So as I see, it works correctly now. Do you still experience this issue? If you do, please let me know the address that you are using and the products that you add to cart in your store.

Thank you.
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