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Originally Posted by surgethechief View Post
I run company that offers walking tours and I need the option to offer specific time slots and dates for the tours I'm advertising. Is there not an option for this in ecwid? A booking calendar for product services.

Thanks a lot for contacting Ecwid Customer Care Team!

You can use Product options to ask for a date. You’ll need to use Date picker type. On product details page it will be a small popup with a calendar from which customers can choose a date. Please, find out more in our article

Please, note that at the moment it is not possible to limit the date selections in the date picker. There is a similar idea about implementing a booking feature in our ideas base Feel free to vote for it and we’ll email you once it’s implemented.

If you'd like to sell the time slots of some limited availability (if someone booked a certain slot, no one else can book the same one), this is not the task for the product options.

In this case I suggest creating one item (product) for each time slot of a service. The date and time should be written in the product name. I'm afraid, there is no better approach in Ecwid for this task.

Alternatively, you can connect a 3d-side calendar to your store with the help of Ecwid API. This is custom integration, so please refer to developers for help. If you are interested in, please, fill in the custom development form at this link One of our agents will get in touch with you soon.

If you have other concerns, please feel free to write me back and it will be my pleasure to assist you further. Have a wonderful day!
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