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Thank you very much for choosing Ecwid!

There are two very simple ways to achieve what you need.

- Use Single product HTML code. Every product will have it’s own separate shopping bag and your customer will be able to head the checkout page, in one click. Single product widget are automatically shows the shopping bag, when it has products in it. The shopping bag opens in popup layer. The whole Ecwid functionality is built into the single product code, it works like a whole separate web store.

- If you would like to create a separate page for the checkout page, you have to use whole Ecwid product browser on the separate page. Here you can read about the product browser installation:
Now you have to create the link which will lead to the product browser page and place it on your storefront pages. Just add the ‘/#!/~/cart’ to your product browser page URL, for example:!/~/cart
Such link will lead straight to the checkout.

Please let us know if you have any questions or notes.