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Default Invoice Template customisation > product options in separate line with no spacing between each line


I wish to change invoice template.
I have many product options around 10-12.
All these at present come in a paragraph form in Invoice.

I want each product option in a separate line. I searched ecwid forum and found one relevant code also which is working. However, If I use that code, there is space coming between each product option line.

And since product options are too many, therefore invoice ran into 2 pages, which I do not want. Also it is not looking good.

So I want to remove those spaces. Please help me by providing perfect solution to this.

My store relevant product page link is as under:

I used following code:

HTML Code:
<!-- Ordered items list -->
							<#list order.items as orderItem>
								<td class="order-item-desc">
									<p class="order-item-title">${}</p>
									<p>${textLabels.sku}: ${orderItem.sku}</p>
								<td class="order-item-count">
								<td class="order-item-total text-bold">
							<p><#list order.items as orderItem>
  								<#list orderItem.options as option>
                                  <td class="order-item-desc">
     								${}: ${option.value}
Please suggest something.....