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While this is an interesting approach to selling unique egoods, it is quite a laborious way to do that. There is currently no way to have separate order counters per each product. Instead we suggest to use the new APIs of Ecwid to create a custom script that fulfill this task for your shop.

Ecwid version 9.0 came out recently with a big set of great new features. Among them there are 2 APIs that can be used to implement selling unique egoods through Ecwid. For this you need to create a script that will respond to Instant Order Notifications from Ecwid. This script is to be written in server-side language like PHP, Python or Ruby, and then placed on a publicly accessible URL for the notifications from Ecwid to be able to reach it.

This script should do the following:
1) process the order notification coming from Ecwid's ION
2) via the Order API request the details of the order in the notification and see if there are any products ordered that require to issue a unique code or file
3) if there are such products, create (or request from database or some other kind of storage) the unique egoods (codes, files or other types or unique virtual goods)
4) send these details to customer who placed the order via the email.

With such script being configured as an endpoint for the Instant Order Notification system in your Ecwid account, you can create the unique egoods person each purchase in a way, completely transparent for your customers and at the same time flexible enough for the business owner.
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