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Hi there,

This is Elsa from Ecwid team. Thanks for the reply!

If I use this, i see no shipping costs at all at checkout.
If you use the fixed shipping rate per item, the shipping cost will be shown at the checkout, see the example:

I thought if I use a fixed shipping rate for some products, that the shipping cost would just be added up and shown at checkout...
If you add 5 bottles at checkout (it has a custom shipping rate based on weight) and add 1 Apfelchips product (it will have a fixed shipping rate, let's say 5 Euro) the shipping rate will be calculated as 11.90+5Euro=16.50Euro. So it takes into account 5 bottles (0,5kg) + 1Apfelchips (0.15kg)=0.65kg (11.50Euro) See the results at checkout: So you earn 5Euro that can spend for the extra box.

Will that work for you?

If not, please contact us using the Online Chat, where one of the agents from the Support team can come up with alternatives. For that, in Ecwid Control Panel click Get help on the top right corner and start the chat.

Thank you!