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Originally Posted by rukus View Post
Thanks Eugene!

Tony found the same thing. I guess the JS script is disabled or something like that. I am going to try to get in touch with the designer to see if there is a way to enable it but I doubt I will be able to. I purchased this theme from one of those theme sites. The customer service is pretty limited.

I hope there is a way we can get this to work. My programmer for my other site took a look at it and mentioned maybe creating a simple html page with just the code of the AJAX shop and include it using iframe tag in the site. I am not sure if this is a possibility or not. Also how would that work with SEO? I know SEO is limited at this point but would this solution make it worse?

Again, Thanks!
I explained about SEO and AJAX in my pm. As for iFrame:
1) Probably it will not work, because your theme will not support iframe as well (i would not be surprised)
2) Google can crawl iframes content, but the search results will show the path to your iframe source, not to your store page. Example, you have the following code on your!/store page:
<iframe src="" ...>
mystore.html contains the code of your Ecwid.

In this case, your store will be indexed at address in Google Search Results:

It might not work for you.
The last thing about SEO is that Ecwid will support AJAX indexing soon, however as I wrote in pm, if your AJAX theme does not support the same technique, Ecwid in your WP will still not be crawlable.

[UPDATE]: Forgot to say that now Ecwid is also crawlable in your WP, however it uses different method for it. Anyway, the theme will not allow Ecwid to be crawled, because of theme's AJAX implementation.

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